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Financing topics are not your thing?

Guaranteed in the future.

Financing for rental and purchase properties, fixed interest rates, building society savings and much more: in my videos I explain everything so that you understand it. I promise.


What is the procedure? Who compiles the documents? Is financing possible without equity? Is financing with a personal loan possible? Is financing possible during maternity leave and parental leave? How is the fixed interest rate structured?

Construction financing:

When can I afford it? Do I get building child benefit? And how much is the building child benefit? What can I use the building child benefit for? Where do I apply for building child benefit?

Additional costs for construction financing:

What additional costs will I have to pay? Is it advisable to finance the ancillary costs or pay them with equity instead?

Purchase or construction of a property:

Is there a right time? And is it advisable to seek non-binding advice before I start looking?

Renting or buying a property:

Which is better and which is more worthwhile? And is it a good time for financing?

Process when buying a property:

How long does the entire process take? What are the steps from finding a property, getting approval from the bank and paying the purchase price to handing over the keys?

Fixed interest rate:

What about flexibility? Can I simply change banks? If so, when?

Building society contract:

What exactly is it? And is it even worth it? What effect does it have on financing? Is there an optimal time to take out a home loan and savings contract?

Building society savings contract in conjunction with financing:

Can an existing home loan and savings contract be used as equity capital for financing? And does the building society savings contract have to be with the same bank?

Renovation of a property:

How much renovation money will I receive? And what renovation options are available? Are invoices from tradesmen from other EU countries recognised? If so, how must the invoices be issued? In which cases is there an advance on building costs? Will work that I carry out myself be recognised?

Rented flat in connection with a property for sale:

How does a rented flat have a positive effect on the property I am buying? And what documents does the bank need from me when I buy a property?

Emigration abroad:

What can I do with my property if I want to move abroad? What happens if the financing is still in place? Selling or letting: What makes sense when?

Financing for short-time work:

Is financing possible during short-time work? What requirements must be met for financing during short-time working? And does the prospective property buyer have to be a customer?

Is your financing project driving you crazy?

Let's talk about it - we'll find a solution. Write to me. I'll get in touch to arrange a free consultation with you.

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