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I am your financial advisor when others give up

If others refuse to finance you, I will make it my job to make it possible for you. Because everyone can be financed - including you.

Dominik Miller - Your financial advisor

My journey as a financial advisor with well-known companies in the financial sector, such as Hamburg-Mannheimer, Ergo,
Schwäbisch-Hall and Postbank, has brought me to my destination: I am an independent property financier.

And I have made it my mission to help all those who are otherwise unable to obtain financing for their dream property.

Financing without equity, with an existing personal loan or with a SCHUFA entry: there is no such thing as difficult financing. Everyone can be financed - including you. With me at your side.

What my satisfied customers say about me?

Just read it for yourself - at WhoFinance, Germany's leading marketplace for financial advice.

My offer for you

Construction financing | Property financing

House or flat: Would you like to build your dream property? Or have you finally found the perfect property and want to buy it?

I will find a customised financing solution for you.

Personal loan

Have you had a wish for a long time or are you dreaming of a little financial leeway?

I can make a personal loan possible for you that is tailored to your personal needs.

Car loan

Would you like to treat yourself to a new car? Or do you need a new vehicle as quickly as possible after an accident?

With my support, you'll be back on the road quickly - including low interest rates, a flexible loan amount and a customised term.

Building society savings

Are you planning to build, buy or modernise a property? Or would you simply like to benefit from subsidies and save money?

Plannable, flexible and interest-safe: I'll find the ideal home loan and savings contract for you.

A project close to my heart that I support - and that has nothing to do with financing

Colouring books can save lives!
How do you react when there's a fire? The Karlsruhe District Fire Brigade Association and K&L Verlag have set themselves the goal of answering this question in a child-friendly way and have published an easy-to-understand colouring and workbook for girls and boys of kindergarten and primary school age. I think this is an extremely good thing! And that's exactly why I'm supporting this great project.

The book tells stories about Mario and his sister Olivia in short episodes - each with a colouring motif. The children learn how to behave in an emergency and how to call for help. They learn to take responsibility and handle fire with care so as not to endanger themselves or others. The pictures to be coloured in reinforce correct behaviour and make it fun to learn. At the same time, teachers, educators and parents can discuss and practise the illustrations with the children.

Thanks to the support of many local companies, the colouring books and workbooks can be distributed free of charge to kindergarten children in the Karlsruhe district. A commitment that I am delighted to support.

Would you like to find out more about the project? You can find more information here:

Is your financing project driving you crazy?

Let's talk about it - we'll find a solution.

Give me a call. Or write to me.

Dominik Miller
Independent financial partner (HGB)
Miller Baufinanzierung
Neubukower Str. 13 | 18230 Rerik
Mobil: +49 178 3345149
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is your financing project driving you crazy?

Let's talk about it - we'll find a solution. Write to me. I'll get in touch to arrange a free consultation with you.

Please note: I only finance in Germany.

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